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In our sun - intensive region you can relax
Heat accumulator. Simply the energy of the sun
in the water and in the cooler hours
heat the rooms. Cleaner is not.
We also offer some very good alternatives such as:
Pellet heating, heat pumps, fireplace and more.
As a special feature, you can choose from us
Wooden oven in the garden.

Solar systems and photovoltaics

the energy as a gift of nature.
Heat and electricity are our most important
We use energy forms
alternative techniques. Thus,
their well-being increased and also
the future generations.

Air conditioners
belong in a modern house.

An air heat pump offers besides the high
Efficiency also has the advantage of being an air-conditioning unit
to be used.

Air filters and exhaust hoods over the stove
ensure good visibility and clean surfaces
in their kitchen.


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